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Flying High: How Aero & Marine Tax Professionals Helped NASCAR Aviation Save Big on a Helicopter Purchase!

Interviewed by: Dallas Chavez | Office Manager at Aero & Marine

Written by: Marcella Diaz | Marketing Strategist at Aero & Marine

At Aero & Marine Tax Professionals, we are dedicated to helping individuals achieve financial freedom by eliminating their tax liabilities. Our commitment to superior service is reflected in the success stories of our clients. Recently, we had the pleasure of assisting Brian Geraci, one of the owners of NASCAR Aviation, in obtaining an exemption on his purchase of a Robinson R22 helicopter. This exemption legally saved him approximately $11,500 in California use tax. We sat down with Brian to discuss his experience with Aero & Marine and the impact of receiving the Principal Use exemption on his helicopter.


Robinson R22 Helicopter

Aero & Marine: “Please introduce yourself, your company and what you do for business. What was the reason for making this aircraft purchase?”

Brian Geraci: “This is pertaining to a Robinson R22. I’m Brian Geraci, and I am an owner of Nascar Aviation in Corona, California. And we buy and sell used aircraft. We use them for training purposes, in some instances. We have been doing this for a couple years now. Of course, the biggest problem that we have when we buy aircraft to bring into California is the tax problems.”


Aero & Marine: “How did you find out about Aero & Marine originally and why did you make the decision to hire us?”

Brian Geraci: “I found out about Aero & Marine through an advertisement I had received in the mail, and then I called just to find out what they were all about. Aero & Marine advised me of tax issues that some of the people are paying when they purchase aircraft and bring them into California. So, I kept that in mind when I went to purchase a couple aircraft thereafter. And the one aircraft I purchased was from Canada and it was brought into the country about a year later which sufficed for the California tax. So, we didn’t have to pay the tax! But of course, California wanted to tax me anyway, so I remembered Aero & Marine. I called them up and gave them the situation, and they took care of the problem so that I could legally avoid the sales tax. We are in the process right now of buying another helicopter from Europe. It’s being shipped currently to California and they’ve given me the directions on how to bring it into the country and how to bring it into California. It’s been a big help for our business, especially with the tax issues.”


Aero & Marine: “How did the process go during the test period with your consultant?”

Brian Geraci: “The test period we had with my consultant was pretty simple. You just have to follow directions regarding what they tell you, what you need to do, and where the aircraft needs to be. And it’s pretty cut and dry! It’s something that most of us pilots and business owners in the aircraft industry do not know about.”


Aero & Marine: “I think you had Jullie, right? Jullie’s your consultant?”

Brian Geraci: “Yes! Jullie’s the best.”


Aero & Marine: “What did it feel like when the CDTFA (California Department of Tax and Fee Administration) supported your claim for an exemption? What did it feel like when you actually received the exemption letter from the State?”

Brian Geraci: “Well, when I got the exemption letter, I was relieved because there's not that much margin. You know, when we buy these aircraft and consider the money that we have to put into it, and then when we get hit with a tax on top of that, it makes it pretty difficult. So, it was pretty nice to have that. And, of course, when I did get that letter, I had to go around and tell everybody because a lot of people are kind of skeptical about this, but when they saw the letter, they were like, “wow, these people really do know what they're doing!” So, it's kind of nice to get the secret out there and let everybody know about this. It's going to help out a lot of people.”


Aero & Marine: “What surprised you most about our services?”

Brian Geraci: “The services that I received from Aero & Marine Tax Professionals is just over the top, answering all my questions. Whenever I need to have a question answered, they call back or email immediately. And over the process of time, we've been looking at a lot of different aircraft and a lot of them don't go through. We don't buy a lot of them, but we still get consultation from Aero & Marine, you know, on how to bring these aircraft into the state, and they give advice. Even if we don't purchase them, it's still nice that they're there for us over and over again on all the aircraft that we look at and intend to purchase, even if we don't purchase them. So they're great help.”


Aero & Marine: “Last question. What would you say to others about Aero & Marine and would you recommend us to others?”

Brian Geraci: “What I would say to other businesses is you really need to have Aero & Marine on your side, whether it's aircraft or boats. With large purchases, it’s an asset that the company really needs to have on hand. For what the purchase prices of a lot of these aircraft and large yachts, let's say it's well worth having Aero & Marine there to help you out with these purchases. There's not a whole lot of lawyers out there that know how to do this type of tax purposes for California. Aero & Marine is the only sales & use tax experts I know of, and they really know their stuff. I have told many, many people about their services and what they do, and a lot of people have called them to get advice. A nice thing about Aero & Marine: they'll give you free advice on what you need to do if you're looking at a future purchase. And then that way you can hire them before you make the purchase. It's well worth it. I'll do it with every single aircraft we buy. They're there in the mix, you know, helping us get the aircraft into California without use tax liability.”


Aero & Marine: “Awesome. Thank you for those very nice words, Brian. We're excited to have you as an amazing client.”

Brian Geraci: “You're welcome. Glad to be a client of yours.”

Sacramento California

Mr. Geraci’s story is a testament to the value and expertise that Aero & Marine Tax Professionals bring to the table. By securing a significant tax exemption, we were able to help him make a sound financial decision for NASCAR Aviation. We are proud to have been part of his journey and look forward to assisting more clients in achieving similar successes. If you're considering a major purchase and want to explore tax exemption opportunities, Aero & Marine Tax Professionals is here to provide the guidance and support you need.


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