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Aero & Marine Tax Professionals help avoid sales tax on your aircraft purchase

California Sales and Use Tax Experts
Unparalleled Expertise in Sales and Use Tax:
Sought After by Lawyers and CPA's

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Aero & Marine's webinars are built to fit your schedule. The know-how you gain from our free industry advice will set you up for success. Our wide variety of topics will provide you an inside look at our industry and connect you with experts in the field.

Liability Assessment

Did you realize that you don't need to reside in California or buy the craft within the state to be impacted? Reach out to us for a complimentary 15-minute consultation.

A Guide to Tax Exemptions

Need expert tax advice on avoiding Sales and Use Tax on aircraft purchases? Check out these free resources to start your path towards financial freedom.


NBAA member

Paul Millner

I had a question about purchasing an aircraft and legally avoiding use tax, if feasible. The phone answerer took my information down, and routed me immediately to the big boss, Tom Alston. Tom patiently listened to my past tales of woe with California's BOE, and my needs for the currently planned transaction. He then explained in 25 words or less how I could entirely avoid use tax on the two transactions I had in mind. I asked if I should have him assist me with the contract? He said it would cost $1,500 to have A&MTP do that, but I didn't really need it... and gave me the exact wording to use in the contract. A&MTP's signature line, "How can I help you today!?" seems to be honest, and you cannot beat the price for a free consultation!
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