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Aero & Marine Tax Professionals

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At Aero & Marine Tax Professionals, we take pride in our impeccable track record of success. Each one of our 2,000+ clients has experienced substantial savings, ranging from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, on their aircraft or vessel purchases.

Our success can be attributed, in part, to extensive research on the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) decisions and recommendations spanning several decades. Through this research, we have identified every possible method to legally avoid paying sales and use tax. We have compiled a foolproof checklist encompassing all these strategies, which we apply diligently to each of our clients. As a result, our clients are guaranteed to secure their exemption without fail.

We fully immerse ourselves in every case, providing comprehensive support and maintaining continuous two-way communication with our clients to ensure compliance on all fronts. To streamline the process, we gather information interactively and perform all the necessary documentation in real-time. This approach ensures that our clients adhere to all required steps and eliminates any potential misunderstandings. We meticulously prepare the tax return, subject it to a series of internal reviews, and then submit it to the CDTFA on behalf of our clients.

Our methodical practices are crucial when obtaining exemptions. These exemptions require meticulous record-keeping and detailed documentation, such as log books, flight logs, business documentation, and more. Each flight is scrutinized, and a single error can trigger the entire tax liability. Therefore, expert guidance is essential to ensure compliance and avoid sales tax.


Among the array of services we provide at Aero & Marine, our clients and their referrals particularly appreciate our role as intermediaries between them and the CDTFA staff as they never have to engage directly with auditors. Once we receive a letter of authorization, all communication with the CDTFA becomes our responsibility. Considering the significant anxiety often associated with the term "tax audit," this alleviates a great deal of stress.

The entire process concludes with our clients receiving a letter from the CDTFA confirming their supported exemption from aircraft tax—an outcome we achieve consistently.


Thomas A. Alston

CEO | Founder

Jullie Alston

Executive Director | Tax Consultant

Our Team.


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