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Join us on April 25th for a complimentary webinar where Aero & Marine will discuss common myths regarding aviation tax.
(including the infamous LLC myth!)

Key Topics


Common myths when avoiding California aircraft use tax and why those are untrue. We will be going over the LLC myth, registering out of the state myth, broker (resale license) myth and more!


How to legally avoid the California sales & use tax.

Industry Experts.

Thomas A. Alston | CEO & Founder

Thomas A. Alston CEO & Founder of Aero & Marine Tax Professionals

Mr. Alston is the CEO of Aero & Marine Tax Professionals, a renowned authority in California Sales & Use Tax for airplanes, vehicles, and vessels. With a flawless track record, he has personally handled over 2,000 tax returns. Leveraging four decades of experience in management, service innovation, public speaking, and exceptional communication skills, he has established Aero & Marine Tax Professionals as the leading consulting firm in California sales and use tax, specifically focusing on aircraft, vessels, and vehicles. His goal is to make Aero & Marine the central hub for the aviation industry, providing comprehensive answers and referrals to industry professionals.

Jullie Alston | Executive Director

Jullie Alston Executive Director of Aero & Marine Tax Professionals

Mrs. Alston holds the position of Executive Director at Aero & Marine Tax Professionals, where she actively participates in preparing and filing numerous tax returns, boasting a flawless success rate. Her management and marketing expertise serves as the bedrock for all activities carried out by Aero & Marine Tax Professionals. With a seven-year tenure leading the company, creating innovative services, public speaking proficiency, exceptional communication skills, and a talent for selecting and training exceptional individuals, Mrs. Alston has propelled Aero & Marine Tax Professionals to become the premier consulting firm in California for sales and use tax, specializing in aircraft, vessels, and vehicles.

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