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Webinar Invitation

Join us on May 30th for a complimentary webinar with Jim Lewis from Mente Group regarding relevant aviation market trends and forecasts to watch over the next four quarters. 

Key Topics

Relevant market trends and forecasts to watch over the next four quarters.

Discussing the market reset we are currently experiencing.

More specifically some micro-markets & market behavior.

Counsel to buyers & sellers.


Historical cycle repetition.


Bonus Depreciation!




Supply chain and safety issues.

Industry Expert.

Jim Lewis | Mente Group

Jim Lewis from Mente Group

Jim Lewis is a trusted, accomplished aviation executive with a 50-year career in the aviation industry.  For the past 25-years he has focused on execution, performance, management, business & client development, leadership, and counsel in sales/marketing roles, while generating well over $2.5 billion in revenue representing marquis firms and aircraft OEM brands. 
Jim is an effective communicator in dynamic sales environments, specializing in contract and agreement negotiations & transactions with high net-worth individuals, C-level executives, aviation transaction attorneys and flight departments. He is a confident presenter and fierce aviation industry advocate, active with several regional NBAA groups. Jim is a mentor and team builder with focus on best practices, and enjoys an industry-wide reputation of integrity.  With unique technical aptitude and operational experience, Jim has a firm grasp of the physics of flight and functional aspects of aircraft systems - highly useful when distilling and conveying new, emerging, and complex aerospace and other technical concepts to groups, clients, and stakeholders.  
Jim has been a licensed pilot for nearly 50 years which includes extensive domestic, international, and trans-oceanic business jet and turboprop experience for corporations, was a demo pilot for several OEMs, and served as a captain/check airman in the regional airlines. Jim is Airline Transport Pilot rated, and an aircraft owner with over 10,000 hours of flight time.

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