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We are California Sales and Use Tax experts. We specialize in helping our clients avoid sales and use tax from the state of California. However, just because you might not live in California, don’t make the mistake in thinking that you are free from California state sales and use tax. We are California sales and use tax experts so contact us for a free analysis before you make your next purchase.

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CEO of Aero & Marine

"I can tell you that I made the attempt to do the exemption myself. This was an example of why amateurs should not be attempting tax exemptions themselves. I had been trying. I had used Aero & Marine Tax Professionals over the last ten years, and I thought that I could do it myself. I didn't have the required expertise, even though it was entirely legitimate. I want to let everyone know about how Aero & Marine handled this for me, and if anyone wants to know more, I would be happy to talk to them."

-Mr. Grimmet
Director of Operations
Rainbow Air Charter

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