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"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." -- Benjamin Franklin

Principal Use Test Redefined Image

Principal Use Test Redefined

There is a tremendous amount of rumor swirling around the State of California since the regulations pertaining to vehicles, vessels and aircraft were drastically altered effective September of 2008 in a ploy by politicians to balance a budget with phantom record keeping. A political debate swirled around the fact that a special classification had been created for wealthy people.

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Jim Lewis, an experienced salesman for Mente Group,, had this to say about Aero&Marine:

“I’ve read a few of your weekly emails and newsletters and I find the approach you take to be very interesting. I love the fact that you take everything head on and you go straight for it. I think the way you use the word ‘avoid’ it just begs you to get tested by the State, but you still come out successful...

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Order - Creating or giving? It can be the million dollar question

When you are thinking about legal ways to avoid the sales tax on your aircraft or vessel purchase, you realize you don’t know enough about it to attempt it on your own. The fact is that you have a confusion or an area of “not knowing” the process or the laws well enough to create the certainty of an outcome that meets your needs.

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Sometimes Dry, Cryptic and Boring Saves you Money.

This may have your writing coach, or business etiquette mentor twitching, but don’t mix social comments on any document that you submit to a tax agency. As long as you are serious about minimizing your over burdensome taxes, this article will make complete sense to you. If it seems fuzzy or unclear, call me and I’ll clear it up. My phone number is 916-691-9192 extension 108.

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An Analysis of Control, Lack Thereof

Could you possibly apply better control in your life or work during a stressful situation, particularly regarding your money and assets? Let me share a story that may shed some insight and, hopefully, useful advice.

A Sense of Humor is Almost Always Recommended Part 2 image

A Sense of Humor is Almost Always Recommended Part 2

Recently, I posted an article of laughable quotes and opined that I did not remember who the author was. One of my connections on LinkedIn sent me to Snopes and I found more! So here they are. Remember that these are supposed to be squawk sheets by Qantas pilots directing their maintenance personnel to a problem coupled with the maintenance response.

Demystifying Sales Tax and Use Tax for Airplane Purchases image

Demystifying Sales Tax and Use Tax for Airplane Purchases

An Interview with California’s Expert in Aircraft Sales and Use Tax, Mr. Tom Alston

We need to stop lying to ourselves image

We need to stop lying to ourselves

In the last 90 days of every year, nearly every piece of promotion that comes out extolling people to buy an aircraft talks about bonus depreciation. There is no such thing.

Check the definition of the word bonus.

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Defensive Adjustments

Imagine when you were in grammar school and what it would have been like if you were taught that 8 plus 7 equals 15. Then, you found out that when you got to High school the answer was 25. Finally, when you attended college the answer was 137. How confusing would that be? No, this article is not about Common Core Math.

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Classic A types

Classic "A" types are successful because they colored outside the lines.

Why do pilots use checklists? To make sure they don’t forget anything that can kill them! Why do people create margins of error? To reduce the danger in any situation!

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