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"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." -- Benjamin Franklin

5 Reasons for a Tax Professional Image

5 Reasons for a Tax Professional

Five smart reasons from Tom Alston to hire an expert who knows the score when it comes to California Sales and Use Tax. Aircraft always come with a hefty price tag. If you’re already paying that much, then you might be wondering why it’s worth your time or money to consult a tax professional. Actually, that same high cost is the reason why it’s so important to bring in an expert. And in the case of Aero & Marine Tax Professionals, our goal is not mitigating a tax bill—our service completely eliminates it.

Complimentary Attacks Image

Complimentary Attacks

Tom Alston shares an experience where an attack turned out to be a compliment when it came to being aggressive. Truth be told, Mr. Alston can be pretty aggressive in life -- he's sort of known for that. This applies to getting people sales and use tax exemptions, which he has a 100% success rate with. It also applies to baseball (which he coached for 4 decades) and creating new business.

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Dumb Ideas to Avoid Paying Sales and Use Tax

Aero & Marine Tax Professions are the leading specialists in helping people to legally avoid paying high sales and use tax on aircraft, vehicle or vessel purchases. During his many years of experience in this field, Mr. Alston has heard several stupid ideas on the tarmac about how to illegally avoid paying taxes. Check out this video to make sure If you don't err in this regard.

9 Reasons to Always Pay the Tax Man Image

9 Reasons to Always Pay the Tax Man

If you are one of those American's who feel like you should always pay the tax man as much as possible then definitely watch this video. You'll find many stupid points to agree with. On the other hand, if you feel like it is your right to profit from your work and keep as much of your money as possible, then also watch this video and have a chuckle.

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Do What You’re Doing While You’re Doing It

A heartbreaking story. Mr. Alston shares the story of the loss of a friend but also looks at why these things happen and how you can help yourself and everyone around you to be safer as well as more effective in everything you do.

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The Myth of the Magic Notary

Sometimes the logic of the Board of Equalization can leave you stunned and amazed, and a lot annoyed. Fixed ideas about what is okay and workable and what is not might not always make sense. Luckily, Tom Alston and the Aero and Marine Tax Professionals team know the sales and use tax business when it comes to aircraft and luxury vessels and vehicles. If you need help with sales and use tax regards your aircraft or you are looking at purchasing an aircraft, talk to the guys with a 100% success rate and over 10-years of experience.

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Take it Easy on the Tax People

In this lesson from sales tax expert Tom Alston of Aero and Marine Tax Professionals we review the original purposes of tax people and how they didn't all start out bad.

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Jim Lewis, an experienced salesman for Mente Group,, had this to say about Aero&Marine:

“I’ve read a few of your weekly emails and newsletters and I find the approach you take to be very interesting. I love the fact that you take everything head on and you go straight for it. I think the way you use the word ‘avoid’ it just begs you to get tested by the State, but you still come out successful...

Order - Creating or giving? It can be the million dollar question image

Order - Creating or giving? It can be the million dollar question

When you are thinking about legal ways to avoid the sales tax on your aircraft or vessel purchase, you realize you don’t know enough about it to attempt it on your own. The fact is that you have a confusion or an area of “not knowing” the process or the laws well enough to create the certainty of an outcome that meets your needs.

Sometimes Dry, Cryptic and Boring Saves you Money image

Sometimes Dry, Cryptic and Boring Saves you Money.

This may have your writing coach, or business etiquette mentor twitching, but don’t mix social comments on any document that you submit to a tax agency. As long as you are serious about minimizing your over burdensome taxes, this article will make complete sense to you. If it seems fuzzy or unclear, call me and I’ll clear it up. My phone number is 916-691-9192 extension 108.

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