"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." -- Benjamin Franklin

We need to stop lying to ourselves image

We need to stop lying to ourselves

In the last 90 days of every year, nearly every piece of promotion that comes out extolling people to buy an aircraft talks about bonus depreciation. There is no such thing.

Check the definition of the word bonus.

Defensive Adjustments image

Defensive Adjustments

Imagine when you were in grammar school and what it would have been like if you were taught that 8 plus 7 equals 15. Then, you found out that when you got to High school the answer was 25. Finally, when you attended college the answer was 137. How confusing would that be? No, this article is not about Common Core Math.

classic A types image

Classic A types

Classic "A" types are successful because they colored outside the lines.

Why do pilots use checklists? To make sure they don’t forget anything that can kill them! Why do people create margins of error? To reduce the danger in any situation!

a sense of humor image

A Sense of Humor is Almost Always Recommended

I received this in an email a few years ago. I don’t remember who sent it to me. Therefore, if it is completely made up, I applaud the effort. If not, I apologize for not knowing who wrote this. I intended to give you credit, but I was laughing so much it slipped my mind.

7 Tips for Smart Aircraft Purchases

7 Tips for Smart Aircraft Purchases

“Aero & Marine Tax Professionals are the preeminent experts in California sales and use tax. Of all the services that Aero & Marine provides, the most appreciated by clients, and those that refer them, is the fact that we insert ourselves between the client and the BOE staff.

Listen to what Kevin C. Austin Founding Attorney of Aero Law Group has to say about our expertise in helping our clients completely avoid sales and use tax.”

WTF is... image

WTF is...

I hear a lot of people yapping on the net about SPAM. I think they are whiners that have forgotten the simple times of a few years ago.

Can you imagine in the 60’s a Federal panel to create a database of businesses that sends out too much mail? We all used to get a stack of envelopes in our mail box. We all used to open our “snail mail” over a waste paper basket. It took about ten minutes a day to “sort” our mail and round file the stuff we didn’t even want to open in this manner.

Reality Breaks Create Tax Revenue for California image

Reality Breaks Create Tax Revenue for California

During a recent conversation with an aircraft broker in the Great Lakes area, he told me that he has no problem with the California tax people. He indicated he is confident that California’s attempt to tax out of state domiciled aircraft would be overruled in Federal court. Therefore, he feels like his clients are not in danger.

By Tom Alston, CEO & Founder of Aero & Marine Tax Pros

Complimentary Attacks image

Complimentary Attacks

Sometimes people send me emails that seem a little like personal attacks, I have learned that those communications aren’t meant to be taken that way. If I read them from the viewpoint of the person who is genuinely trying to help me I realize they only want me to be the best.

Why Hire an aircraft tax consultant image

Why Hire an Aircraft Tax Consultant

There are all kinds of doctors. The profession has split into specialties like ears, nose and throat, various cancers etc. These highly trained specialists have decided to focus on one area that they feel needs special attention. These people feel they are serving mankind in the best manner by sharpening their skill set to the point that they think they can overcome the insurmountable odds posed by certain areas of disability.

Getting Smarter with Your Money for 2017 image

Getting Smarter with Your Money for 2017

At this time of year, it is typical for people to make decisions on things they want to improve in the coming year. I find one of the most common resolutions is to be smarter with their money so they have more of it.

By Tom Alston, CEO & Founder of Aero & Marine Tax Pros

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