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I have dealt in this field for many decades and I am here to help you make the best decisions possible. I can tell you whether or not you can save money on your taxes before a single dime leaves your pocket with my free tax help. Here are what my clients say about us!

Client Testimonial: Derek Westen Image

Client Testimonial: Derek Westen

Our client, Derek Westen, saved $60,000.00 in California Sales Tax by hiring us and following all of our instructions! Watch this video on why he chose to hire us rather than doing it on his own.

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Client Testimonial: Marty Goodman Image

Client Testimonial: Marty Goodman

Client Testimonial: Rick Capretta Image

Client Testimonial: Rick Capretta

Client Testimonial: Phil Fernandez Image

Client Testimonial: Phil Fernandez

Client Testimonial: Vicky Benzing Image

Client Testimonial: Vicky Benzing

"You guarantee your customers that if we follow the process, the detailed process that you will guarantee that we will qualify for the exemption for use tax. There are not many businesses that can guarantee anything having to do with state taxes, so that was pretty great!"

Client Testimonial: Lou Gonzales Image

Client Testimonial: Lou Gonzales

"After about 15 minutes on the telephone with Tom it was clear that this organization had Tom at leadership helm of it, really knew what they were doing."

Client Testimonial: Golden Gate Meat Company Image

Client Testimonial: Golden Gate Meat Company

"I had heard that we could save on our sales tax with our airplane and it was a significant savings"

Client Testimonial: Ron Wright of Catalina Imaging Image

Client Testimonial: Ron Wright of Catalina Imaging

Ron Wright of Catalina Imaging worked with Aero & Marine Tax Professionals in 2014. Hear about his experience and find out if he'd recommend us to others.

Client Testimonial with Jim Kenney Image

Client Testimonial with Jim Kenney

Check out this interview with our former client Jim Kenney to hear about his experience receiving a tax exemption on his aircraft.

Client Testimonial Klaus Heidegger Image

Client Testimonial Klaus Heidegger

Listen to Tom's chat with one of our clients that has successfully received a sales tax exemption on his aircraft.

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