King Air 350, Craig N.
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"I was in a great mood when I discovered that Aero & Marine Tax Professionals saved us $400,000.00"

Based in California, Craig N.'s company specializes in real estate investments, including land as well as income properties in Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, and Iowa. Like many developers, Craig has discovered that rapid response is a prime requirement for an efficient operation - and commercial aviation simply won't get the job done.

Craig is quick to point to his recent acquisition of a King Air 350 and its ability to provide a quick and convenient way to get to their properties and various projects that range from shopping centers, apartment buildings and land holdings. "Our goal is to add value to our real estate holdings through market positioning and entitlement activities. We recognize that our direct participation in the process adds value to the properties and communities where they are located. Taking our projects through the appropriate government entitlement process requires expertise and an understanding of environmental issues and regulations," says Craig, "plus local government policies and procedures are unique to each community. The ability to meet with city planning or engineering quickly assures that we fully understand issues that arise and to correct them quickly, keeping the project schedule on track.

"Responsiveness is the key to our business. I am reminded of a recent opportunity. We heard about an apartment deal in Oregon, and also got the word that there were other buyers. The sale was at a point where the seller had not yet signed off on the offer currently on the table. We immediately flew up there and gave the seller the better choice... and got the property."

"It was through word of mouth that we heard about Aero & Marine Tax Professionals. Their service and success rate were clearly outstanding. The day we were informed that all the California regulations had been met, put me in a great mood. The expertise of Aero & Marine Tax Professionals saved us $400,000.00!"

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