Gaas Labs LLC
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Aero & Marine Tax Professionals Obtains Exemption for Gaas Labs, LLC

Aero & Marine Tax Professionals assisted Gaas Labs, a technology company, in supporting a claim for a use tax exemption on the purchase of a Gulfstream V. They saved $1,665,000.00 in aircraft tax.

John Ocampo of Gaas Labs had this to say: “We are a technology company in the semiconductor business. We have a number of design centers all over the United States and it’s important to connect with the design centers on a regular basis. Flying commercially would have taken multiple connection flights and not as convenient. Perkins Coie referred us to Aero & Marine Tax Professionals. The process with them was pretty seamless. Aero&Marine is very open and transparent as far as the work they are going to perform. During the process with them I was updated on a regular basis to tell me where things stand. At the end, there was a good confirmation and I got the letter from the State saying that we were good to go. We were very happy with the outcome and I would absolutely recommend Aero & Marine.”

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