F-2 Wildcat Photo

"I saved a lot, almost $70,000.00."

A stint in the U.S. Navy cultivated Bruce G’s interest in W.W. II aircraft, so he decided to collect flyers from that era. An FM-2 Single-Seat Navy Fighter Wildcat was a recent acquisition for this Orange County stockbroker and CEO of his own firm. This fighter jet has been flown in air shows and displayed at an aircraft museum in Arizona.

Before completing the test to qualify for a California state sales tax exemption, Bruce confessed, “I was concerned and suspicious about the whole process and then I received the letter. I saved a lot, almost $70,000.00. Aero & Marine Tax Professionals did everything, all the filing from start to finish.” Bruce G’s enthusiasm for flying and collecting does not exceed his enthusiasm for receiving the benefits of a tax savvy opportunity.

“Be smart, educate yourself and involve Aero & Marine Tax Professionals into the planning of the whole thing before you buy a plane,” recommended Bruce, who has already recommended Aero & Marine to others.