Cirrus SR 22 Turbo, Aircraft Leasing Company
Tell Me How I Can Avoid Sales Tax and Save Thousands!


“We’d never buy a plane without involving Aero & Marine Tax Professionals.”

When the owner of an aircraft leasing business needed to purchase a Cirrus SR 22 T airplane, he turned to Aero & Marine Tax Professionals to save him money on the sales tax. The aircraft leasing company received a full tax exemption on the aircraft purchase from the California Board of Equalization.

An executive from the company stated: “The problem was I had a commute that required me to go from Steamboat Springs, CO at 7,000 feet altitude to Fresno, CA at 300 feet altitude. I needed to upgrade my Cirrus from a normally aspirated to a turbo. As for doing it commercially, I guess the snarky answer would be that if you tried doing a commercial flight from either Steamboat Springs, CO or Hayden, CO, the answer would be self-evident. They only have one flight a day during the non-ski season, and you have to fly all the way back to Denver to make a connecting flight, which means you have to cross the Rockies twice. And then all the other good stuff that goes with flying commercial. When I bought my first plane, back in 2006, Aero & Marine Tax Professionals were referred to me by my accountant. It was pretty easy. My office tells me they were very responsive & fast. I would absolutely recommend them to others. We’d never buy a plane without involving Aero & Marine.”

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