Cessna P210N, Real Estate Development Co.


“I’m very happy with everything. I would absolutely recommend Aero & Marine to others.”

When a northern California real estate development company decided to purchase a Cessna P210N airplane, they turned to Aero & Marine Tax Professionals to help them save money on the sales tax.

An executive from the real estate development company stated: “I needed the plane to have a way to get to properties out of state. Flying commercial would take a full day rather than half a day, to some of our properties. This spring I had to take the plane to Maine. Someone had backed into the steps of one of our properties in a hit-and-run situation, and I urgently needed to get there to see the police report and talk to the person on-site. I was able to get there within a day. If I had flown commercial, I would have had to take a plane to Boston, and then drive a rental car up to Maine. It would have added at least a full day to the effort. We found Aero & Marine Tax Professionals on the internet. I saw an excerpt online from a seminar they were doing. Then I called and talked to them for at least 45 minutes. I felt comfortable and confident that the process would be successful. Interaction was always positive and informative. I’m very happy with everything. I would absolutely recommend them to others. One guy I spoke to has already gotten in touch with them. He just bought a helicopter. I’m getting their name out.”

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