Cessna Citation CJ3, The Almond Company
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“We were referred to AERO&MARINE by our broker, CPA, and attorney.”

When a large farming operation needed assistance in supporting a claim for a use tax exemption on the purchase of a Cessna Citation CJ3, they turned to AERO&MARINE TAX PROFESSIONALS, enabling them to save $610,000.

A representative from The Almond Company stated: “We are a large vertically integrated farming operation. We farm about 9000 acres of almonds, 600 acres of grapes, and other crops. We do quite a bit of business that involves us traveling out of state frequently and we needed an aircraft. We do Ag related business, and generally businesses that we look at for acquisitions and mergers are in remote locations where commercial airlines do not fly. We were referred to AERO&MARINE by our broker, CPA, and attorney. This is the first time we have purchased an aircraft and the whole process was quite complicated. The process with AERO&MARINE went well. They forwarded clear and concise information to me with samples, so I had a relatively good idea of how the process would work and everyone was very great and very helpful. I would absolutely recommend you to others.”

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