Cessna C172S, Real Estate Company
Tell Me How I Can Avoid Sales Tax and Save Thousands!


When Drew C., owner of a real estate firm in Southern California needed to purchase a Cessna C172S airplane, he turned to Aero & Marine Tax Professionals to save him money on sales tax.

Drew C. said “The airlines don’t go to the places I need to go. For example, Laughlin, NV and Mulege, Mexico. I couldn’t get there in a timely or efficient manner. In Mulege they actually have two airstrips, but both dirt fields. One is about a mile, or only a walk, to my place. The closest commercial field is, I guess, Loreto, which is about 80 or 90 miles to the south. And 80 miles on highway 1 is not like 80 miles on I-5. Figure about 5 hours, as you have to watch out for the cows and such. I had a lot of special issues. I never thought I could handle it myself and I had a lot of special things come up. Doing business in Mexico involves a lot of handshake and language gap. I needed a lot of extra help to make sure that everything was documented well enough for the tax board. I spent a lot of time on email and on the phone, but it was very rewarding. I couldn’t throw a curve at Aero & Marine Tax Professionals, because they had handled everything before. They knew exactly how to handle it. I would recommend Aero & Marine Tax Professionals without hesitation! You can’t do this yourself.”

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