Tell Me How I Can Avoid Sales Tax and Save Thousands!


Aero & Marine Tax Professionals Obtains Sales Tax Exemption for Plastic Surgeon

“I fly up there every month to see my patients. If you have a reason to use a plane, then it makes sense to have one and maintain your proficiency. It's worth having. When I'm up there, I feel like I'm in a different world. All my worries fall away, and by the time I land, I'm totally rejuvenated. In between flights to the Bay Area, I fly to medical meetings. We might fly patients home every once in a while. I may do a surgery on a patient from Phoenix or Las Vegas or something, and I'll offer to fly them home. It's useful for us. The tax savings were 8% of 1.7 million. And aside from that everybody was very, very easy to work with. So organized – just fill in the blanks!” - J. Bunkis

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