Beechcraft Debonair Photo

“The money savings were very much appreciated. I’d absolutely rather pay someone else than the government.”

Retired Navy flier and leasing company owner Dave R. got an exemption on his purchase of an aircraft by working with Aero & Marine Tax Professionals.

Dave said “I’ve been doing leasing for about 21 years after retiring from the Navy. We fly for a living back and forth between our two locations – San Diego and Las Vegas Nevada. The aircraft is really the only way to get back and forth on short notice. Driving is too difficult anymore with the traffic and the airlines are not very responsible with the problem with the TSA and the delays there so that’s why we had to use the private aircraft. I really enjoy it – it’s a great way to travel, and I’ll probably continue to fly even when it’s no longer my means of making a living. It’s cost effective and certainly saves a great deal of time. We can leave San Diego at 7am and be in Las Vegas and be in the office or be with customers and get back by 5pm. Net four, four and a half hours in the office. I couldn’t do that by driving or taking the airlines.”

“Aero & Marine Tax Professionals were very professional. Our record-keeping probably wasn’t pristine, but they got on my case enough that we were able to make a successful presentation.”