Beechcraft A36 TC, Walter
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"I made an investment of my own in dealing with Aero & Marine, and it paid off handsomely. Thank you guys!"

A conversation with Walter H. at his California office quickly reveals a lot about the man, and particularly why he's accomplished both in business and in life. On that list: Walter knows what he's talking about, and when he talks about it, he's plain spoken. One more thing, he loves flying.

"In the business of commercial real estate, I need to take people where the best deals are. Today, those deals are almost always overpriced. It's more likely to be In Oklahoma or Texas, and to find those investments, I need first-class tools, both inside and ou1side the office."

Joining a commercial brokerage firm in 2000, Walter gained access to a sophisticated information network that enables him to provide clients with valuable listing Information and market trends at the touch of a button. "Furnishing critical information is a clear competitive advantage", says Walter. "Advantage #2 Is being able to see those actual investment properties up close and personal."

Enter Walter's Beechcraft A36 TC. Walter has been a pilot since 1972, and put his own aircraft to work shortly after moving into commercial real estate in 1981. "Based in Idaho, I needed to get around the western states. That pilot's license was the way to get the job done." As a senior agent and an independent consultant, Walter has brokered a wide range of investment real estate in office, apartment and industrial investments. In one six month period, he negotiated and put into escrow 34 separate properties valued over $25,000,000.

To call this native Californian 'active' is an understatement. A member of the Point West Rotary Club, he circumnavigated Australia on a motorcycle on a Rotary fundraiser in just a few years back. Through Junior Achievement, he introduces business and life skills to Junior High students. He finds time to go boating, water skiing and hiking. And then there's the flying­ related volunteer work for AIRUFELINE and Angel flight, which provides free medical transportation.

And now, piloting the Beechcraft, he's made room in his life - and airplane - for further volunteer work, delivering service animals such as guide dogs to places where they're needed. "The great thing about the Beech, Its big enough to get five passengers or a good sized dog crate back there," he smiles. The Beechcraft A36 is equipped with a sophisticated autopilot, a 300hp turbo-charged Continental engine driving a three-bladed prop, and can fly at higher altitude... well above the weather.

It was the aircraft broker that suggested Walter utilize the services of Aero & Marine Tax Professionals. "I've paid thousands to the Board of Equalization on sales and use tax for my two previous aircraft, the last one a Mooney," he says. "Not this time around. One call and Aero & Marine was on the case, the documentation taken care of, and much sooner than I could have hoped, the exemption come through. It's like commercial real estate. You weigh the initial cost against a well researched, intelligent expectation of the outcome. You could say I made an investment of my own in dealing with Aero & Marine, and it paid off handsomely. Thank you guys!"

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