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“The transaction was handled 100% by Aero & Marine & we were able to obtain that exemption”

When the owner of a CPA firm needed assistance with a client’s case, he turned to Aero & Marine Tax Professionals to save the client money on the sales tax. The client received a full tax exemption on the aircraft transfer from the California Board of Equalization.

An executive from the firm stated: “We had a client with an aircraft that had an ownership transfer, and that ownership transfer was going to trigger a very large California sales tax. We were looking for Aero & Marine to help us out with getting the exemption in order to exempt the transaction from California tax. From the initial call, I was able to speak with Tom Alston, the owner, immediately. From that point, the owner and other associates at Aero & Marine walked us through the entire process and ensured that we were always providing the correct documentation at the appropriate times. Essentially, the transaction was handled 100% by Aero & Marine and we were able to obtain that exemption with very little time expended on my side. From my perspective, it made me look good since the transaction went as planned. The client was exceedingly happy with the services that were provided.”

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