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Aero & Marine Tax Professionals Obtains Tax Exemption for Real Estate Investor

Aero & Marine Tax Professionals assisted a real estate investor in supporting a claim for a use tax exemption on the purchase of a Beechcraft G36. He saved approximately $54,000.00 in aircraft tax.

The investor stated the following about his experience: “We have commercial and industrial real estate property in different locations. Purchasing the plane was economical and efficient as far as staying on top of our real estate holding and changing markets. Being able to make decisions by meeting people in person rather than over the phone was far better. The places I go to require a much more flexible schedule and commercial airlines don’t go to smaller areas or accommodate my schedule. Therefore, flying commercially would have been a waste of valuable time.

“Aero&Marine has a very detailed, carefully described protocol making sure that all government requirements are adhered to and I like that the file is not submitted until is reviewed and approved by a committee so there is no chance of something missing. It was the most thorough and careful process that I’ve experienced. I would definitely recommend them, they stuck by me through an incredibly difficult process that was made difficult by the state.”

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