“With Some $108,000 at Stake, Aero & Marine Was One of My First Calls”

Even before she took her first Lake Tahoe charter, Dream Big had thousands of miles under her keel. By the time she’d reached the famous lake on the California/Nevada border, the 72-foot Sunseeker had already taken two long ocean voyages and a road trip almost the length of California. And befitting a luxury cruiser, all of her travels had been in fine style.

Dream Big is the pride and joy of Tony Gooding, President and CEO of Lake Tahoe Yacht Charters, Inc. She is the most luxurious motor yacht on a lake known for its lavish and sumptuous cruisers. Today, she is moored at Tahoe Keys Marina and highly sought after for sightseeing, weddings, and lunch and dinner cruises. Gooding’s guests talk of the unique experience of a private, lavishly catered cruise on a spectacular vessel, but actually getting her to Tahoe was a very different story.

Built in Britain, her first voyage involved being shipped to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and from there, out to the Bahamas on her first charter. She was then shipped aboard a cargo vessel again, and this time unloaded in Ensenada, across the Mexico border from San Diego. “This began the third and final part of the journey, the real task,” says Gooding. “We needed to transport her by road some three-quarters the length of California to get to Lake Tahoe. And that took a whole lot of planning.”

“First job was to strip the superstructure off the boat, not something you ever want to do on a brand new vessel. But to ensure she’d limbo under bridges and wires, we had to strip off the flying bridge. Aside from the enormous physical size of the vessel and the 110 foot tractor trailer she rode on, there were the bureaucratic demands, permits, and fees. We needed no fewer than three CHP vehicles, plus an additional three escort cars. It was a logistical nightmare.”

Another part of the planning process was the tax issues. At $1.35 million, Dream Big is not only a lot of boat but a whole lot of sales tax for California’s Board of Equalization. “As an aircraft owner, I was aware of the specialized service provided by Aero & Marine Tax Professionals,” says Gooding. “With some $108,000 at stake, Aero & Marine was one of my first calls. They took care of the whole process, and we gained our exemption in six months. If only there was someone like that who could have taken care of the bureaucracy involved in getting the boat to Tahoe!”

Gooding says it was all worth it. “This British built motor yacht competes in terms of quality, engineering and design with the best Italian and American designs,” says Gooding. “She’s fast and very, very comfortable… Just ask anyone who’s had the pleasure of coming aboard. We offer personalized lunch, dinner, and sunset cruises, four spacious staterooms, an open salon and dining areas on the main deck that furnish ample room for entertaining and relaxing. Dream Big is one of the great experiences of life.”

To experience one of the world’s great cruises, visit www.laketahoeyachtcharters.com. And if you’re a professional like Tony Gooding in need of first-class tax advice on an airplane or boat purchase, go to www.aeromarinetaxpros.com.