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Tell Me How I Can Avoid Sales Tax and Save Thousands!
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I have dealt in this field for many decades and I am here to help you make the best decisions possible. I can tell you whether or not you can save money on your taxes before a single dime leaves your pocket with my free tax help. Here are what my clients say about us!

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Bell 206L-3

"The way the state administers tax laws changes so frequently that it is nearly impossible for me to keep up, and having AERO&MARINE on my side is invaluable to our bottom line."

- Executive Helishares

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King Air

"The process that Aero & Marine Tax Professionals used was quite simple to follow"

- Electronics Company

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Lake LA 4 200

"The savings will help fund some of the upgrades to the plane that I’m contemplating."

- Max Trescott

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Phenom 100

"The matter of qualifying for the sales tax exemption is simply too important to take any chances."

- Randall Sanada

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F-2 Wildcat

"I saved a lot, almost $70,000.00"

- Bruce G

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Aviat Husky A-1C

"All I had to do was follow the rules and never get behind. Everyone did great follow up."

- California Based Farmer

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Piper Meridian

"In this tough economy when the state is looking for extra tax revenue and you can get that exemption – well, my accountant was floored"

- Southern California Company Owner

CJ-3 Image

CJ-3 525B

"I was confident due to Aero & Marine’s record and did not have any doubt about a successful outcome"

Air Charter Company Ownder

Beechcraft Deboinar Image

Beechcraft Deboinar

"The money savings were very much appreciated. I’d absolutely rather pay someone else than the government."

- Dave R

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"lf you keep good records, it proves that together you can make this happen. The exemption saved our company hundreds of thousands of dollars."

- Northern California Farming Company Owner

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