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The Myth of the Magic Notary Image

The Myth of the Magic Notary

Sometimes the logic of the Board of Equalization can leave you stunned and amazed, and a lot annoyed. Fixed ideas about what is okay and workable and what is not might not always make sense. Luckily, Tom Alston and the Aero and Marine Tax Professionals team know the sales and use tax business when it comes to aircraft and luxury vessels and vehicles. If you need help with sales and use tax regards your aircraft or you are looking at purchasing an aircraft, talk to the guys with a 100% success rate and over 10-years of experience.

Take it Easy on the Tax People Image

Take it Easy on the Tax People

In this lesson from sales tax expert Tom Alston of Aero and Marine Tax Professionals we review the original purposes of tax people and how they didn't all start out bad.

7 Tips for Smart Aircraft Purchases

7 Tips for Smart Aircraft Purchases

“Aero & Marine Tax Professionals are the preeminent experts in California sales and use tax. Of all the services that Aero & Marine provides, the most appreciated by clients, and those that refer them, is the fact that we insert ourselves between the client and the BOE staff.

Listen to what Kevin C. Austin Founding Attorney of Aero Law Group has to say about our expertise in helping our clients completely avoid sales and use tax.”

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