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"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." -- Benjamin Franklin

Price vs. Value Image

Price vs. Value

In this video Mr. Alston shares the interrelationship of price vs. value. This is a principle that can and should be applied by any business or entrepreneur to ensure you are paid properly for your knowledge, experience, creativity and ability.

Racism and Your Success Image

Racism and Your Success

In this video Tom Alston touches on the extremely hot-button topic of racism. He defuses the topic, follows the money to the real source and looks at how it blocks people from the life and success that lies within them.

Mental Energy Image

Mental Energy

In this video Tom Alston discusses mental energy. You need to get the mindset right to be your best self and accomplish the highest level of success. In the video he points out the mental energy needed to make $100 or $1,000,000.

Being Successful in the Trump Economy or Any Economy Image

Being Successful in the Trump Economy or Any Economy

Tom Alston shares a tip on success and how to ensure it happens for you right now in the Trump economy. But this tip will apply for you no matter what president is in office and what the government, Wall Street or the banks are doing.

Buying Aircraft or Vessels, Tax-Free and the Principle Use Test Image

Buying Aircraft or Vessels, Tax-Free and the Principle Use Test

There is a way to buy your aircraft or vessel tax free, but you need to do it right. There is an exact path to you keeping all the tax money in YOUR pocket instead of the government's. That path has been marked out precisely by Aero and Marine Tax Professionals. They've helped over 1,400 clients purchase their airplane or yacht and save a ton of money.

Buying Aircraft and the Interstate Commerce Flight Hours Test Image

Buying Aircraft and the Interstate Commerce Flight Hours Test

Eliminate the sales tax on your aircraft purchase. That's what Aero and Marine Tax Professionals does. In this video Tom Alston shares the details about a key piece of the process: the interstate commerce flight hours test.

Be Proud of Your Success Image

Be Proud of Your Success

Experiencing massive success is nothing to be ashamed of. It is something to celebrate. Sometimes the social majority try to discriminate against those who succeed to build wealth. Whatever their reasons, don't let it hold you back and don't get involved in it. The successful make this world go around. The energy they put back into the systems of this economy helps everyone.

Tom Alston _ Growth Con Image

Grant Cardone and 10X GrowthCon Success

Tom Alston shares his personal thanks to Grant Cardone.

Price Fraud Image

Price Fraud

There are better ways to eliminate the burden of sales and use tax when purchasing an aircraft. Don't commit price fraud or 'understate' the price you paid. Beyond being a lie, it would probably be considered a criminal act. Speak with Tom, no commitment, not cost, and get his two decades of experience in the industry.

Aircraft Price and FAA Registration Image

Aircraft Price and FAA Registration

What are the three key questions Tom Alston asks new clients when trying to help them with tax advice? Aircraft owners must understand how to document the price of their aircraft during registration, and how state auditors will ascertain the actual price paid for tax purposes. In this short video Mr. Tom Alston shares an experience with a client and how this relates to saving money, time and headaches.

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