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"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." -- Benjamin Franklin

Aircraft Sales Image

Aircraft Sales

When it gets down to it, the aircraft industry is driven by sales. We all need it, we all support it in some way. Mr. Tom Alston recorded this video to share his view of what might support the sales processes within the personal and executive jet industry. He refers to Mr. Kevin Austin of Aero Law Group out of Seattle who said purchasing an airplane, or working with someone to get it done, is like a giant wack-a-mole game because there are so many deciding factors, and pieces to the process.

NBAA 2017 and The Las Vegas Shooting Effect Image

NBAA 2017 and The Las Vegas Shooting Effect

Mr. Tom Alston recently attended the National Business Aviation Association 2017 convention in Las Vegas. He shared his on-the-ground experience at the annual trade show and the effects of the horrific and tragic mass shooting that occurred on the night of October 1st.

The "Reality Break" and Saving You Money Image

The "Reality Break" and Saving You Money

At Aero and Marine Tax Professionals our goal is to eliminate your sales or use tax bill with the State of California. Some times, when talking with tax accountants or consultants there are disagreements, or points where there is no or little "reality" which causes a "break" in communication and understanding.

The State of California is Coming For You Image

The State of California is Coming For You

Don't get into trouble with the California Board of Equalization. If you receive any type of communication from them, then you need to speak to a tax professional.

Purchasing an Aircraft or Vessel? Image

Purchasing an Aircraft or Vessel? Talk to Aero and Marine Tax Pros

Find out why it has been said, "This is a specialized area of practice - to the degree even lawyers and CPAs come to Aero and Marine Tax Professionals for advice."

Key to Always Winning Image

Aircraft Sales and Use Tax Firm's Key to Always Winning

Aircraft Sales and Use Tax or Vessel Sales and Use Tax can be a complex subject. If you are about to purchase either one, especially in the state of California, you can save a large bundle of money by talking with Tom Alston of Aero and Marine Tax Professionals.

5 Reasons for a Tax Professional Image

5 Reasons for a Tax Professional

Five smart reasons from Tom Alston to hire an expert who knows the score when it comes to California Sales and Use Tax. Aircraft always come with a hefty price tag. If you’re already paying that much, then you might be wondering why it’s worth your time or money to consult a tax professional. Actually, that same high cost is the reason why it’s so important to bring in an expert. And in the case of Aero & Marine Tax Professionals, our goal is not mitigating a tax bill—our service completely eliminates it.

Complimentary Attacks Image

Complimentary Attacks

Tom Alston shares an experience where an attack turned out to be a compliment when it came to being aggressive. Truth be told, Mr. Alston can be pretty aggressive in life -- he's sort of known for that. This applies to getting people sales and use tax exemptions, which he has a 100% success rate with. It also applies to baseball (which he coached for 4 decades) and creating new business.

Dumb Ideas to Avoid Paying Sales and Use Tax Image

Dumb Ideas to Avoid Paying Sales and Use Tax

Aero & Marine Tax Professions are the leading specialists in helping people to legally avoid paying high sales and use tax on aircraft, vehicle or vessel purchases. During his many years of experience in this field, Mr. Alston has heard several stupid ideas on the tarmac about how to illegally avoid paying taxes. Check out this video to make sure If you don't err in this regard.

9 Reasons to Always Pay the Tax Man Image

9 Reasons to Always Pay the Tax Man

If you are one of those American's who feel like you should always pay the tax man as much as possible then definitely watch this video. You'll find many stupid points to agree with. On the other hand, if you feel like it is your right to profit from your work and keep as much of your money as possible, then also watch this video and have a chuckle.

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