The Verify Aircraft Tax Program
Tell Me How I Can Avoid Sales Tax and Save Thousands!

The Verify Aircraft Tax Program

Aero and Marine Tax Pros are the leading experts when it comes to knowledge about aircraft sales and use tax in California - and how to achieve complete tax exemption on an aircraft purchase. What many do not know is that Aero and Marine can also help all aircraft owners, across the entire US, when it comes to documenting aircraft use and receiving extensive tax deductions not otherwise possible.

This program is called "Verify." 2018 was quite successful and there are updates to their program for 2019. Check out this video to get the details. Call Tom and his team directly to discuss if this program would be good for you.

If you want perfect, verified tax documentation for your aircraft (or vessel) talk to Aero and Marine Tax Professionals to find out about this simple, cost-effective program. A first call to discuss options and evaluate your situation is always complimentary.

Aero and Marine Tax Professional's success stems from researching decades of decisions and recommendations by the State of California (formerly Board of Equalization). From this research and learning every possible way someone could avoid paying sales and use tax, they created a full-proof process to achieve tax exemption. As a result, there isn’t any way for a client to fail to win their exemption.

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Thomas A. Alston Mr. Alston is the Founder and CEO of Aero & Marine Tax Professionals. His company has prepared and filed hundreds of tax returns with a 100% success rate. Mr. Alston’s management and tax experience are the foundation and guiding hand for all of Aero & Marine activities. His full-proof system to legally avoid paying sales tax on aircraft purchases has never failed. Aero & Marine Tax Professionals is the premier California sales and use tax consulting firm specializing in the area of Mobile Transportation Equipment (aircraft, vessels and vehicles).

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