“I really liked that Aero & Marine Tax Professionals was straight forward; they told me what to do. All I had to do was follow the rules and never get behind. Everyone did great follow up. Everyone was so easy to deal with. Whatever needed to be done got done with no nonsense. I would recommend Aero & Marine Tax Professionals to others.

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The New e-Book “How to Legally Avoid Sales Tax on Your Next Aircraft or Vessel Purchase” – $29.99

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In today’s economy, smart business people know that they have to save money everywhere they can. You know that saving taxes is all going to drop to the bottom line.

Sales and use tax on a large purchase such as an airplane or vessel can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. But you can avoid paying that sales tax – legally! Find out how in this exciting new e-Book by Thomas Alston – “How to Legally Avoid Sales Tax on Your Next Aircraft or Vessel Purchase” ($29.99).

Listen to what some of Tom Alston’s clients have to say about his expertise:

“I have nothing but praise for Tom Alston’s knowledge, professionalism and integrity when it comes to sales and use tax issues. His advice and assistance has been invaluable to many of my clients.”
—Danford A. Jay
Dan Jay Aircraft Sales
Chico, California

“Tom Alston is a unique specialist. His expertise is in the area of California sales and use tax. Tom and his firm specialize in helping individuals and corporations legally avoid sales tax on Aircraft and Vessels purchased in California. It is a specialized area of practice—so much so that even CPAs and attorneys turn to Tom for his expertise in this area. In this niche, he is ‘The Man.’ If you are contemplating the purchase of an Aircraft or Vessel in California, do yourself and your pocketbook a favor and call him. I cannot recommend his services too highly.”
—Bill B.

“Tom, you know getting involved in a tax issue after the fact is considerably tougher than from the onset; even with the disadvantage you still achieved the desired results.”
—Much thanks. Sincerely,
Lee Nobmann
Chief Executive Officer
Advantage Flight Service

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